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02/1/2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
The Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is important to NorthWest Engineering Service, Inc. and its team members. Management supports our green team to participate in defined programs that work with regional waste management agencies, who guide and support sustainability as part of everyday operations. NWESI and its subsidiary, Air Introduction and Regulation, are proud to have received awards from both Washington County and Lane County, certifying our business practices tangible actions. This year NWESI has earned the Gold Washington County Green Business Award in appreciation of our efforts.
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A Surprise to Analysts: Less CHP in Microgrids, More Solar October 18, 2018 By Lisa Cohn
Combined heat and power (CHP) provides year-round baseload energy in microgrids — something renewable resources don’t do. Yet solar PV now overshadows CHP in planned microgrid projects, according to a new microgrid database by ICF. Read entire article...
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Energy Efficiency Jobs in America, by E4TheFuture
2.25 Million Americans Work in Energy Efficiency: "This report focuses solely on the energy sector of the economy such as jobs in retail trade, vehicle efficiency-related work. Energy efficiency added the most new jobs in 2017 of the entire energy sector. Its workers now outnumber elementary and middle school teachers and are nearly double those in U.S. law enforcement. In fact, there are now as many energy efficiency workers as there are waitstaff in U.S. bars and restaurants."
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