Energy Assessment


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Energy Assessment Services (EAS) are far more than a simple energy audit. Whether designing a building for Net Zero Energy usage, LEED* certification, or simply to reduce energy costs, a comprehensive energy assessment is essential. We identify weaknesses during the early stages of project planning, and troubleshoot poorly performing systems.

Energy audits are often used to diagnose key issues before major renovations or fixes are implemented. The type and extensiveness of energy assessments is varied due to the unique needs of each facility. Oftentimes, assessments for commercial or industrial facilities are applied to the entire building. These are generally done to evaluate the facility as a whole, and find any system improvements that can be made for efficiency, conservation, or cost.

According to ASHRAE standards, there are typically 3 levels of audits that can help gauge needed service for commercial facilities. A sampling of these include:

Level 1: Simple audit, identifying potential improvements and building overview
Level 2: Increased analysis and survey of the building including financial analysis over a period of time
Level 3: In-depth analysis, implementing measures on a building model and analyzing effects for cost and energy saving

*LEED framework and design may apply to:

  • Building Design and Construction
  • Interior Design and Construction
  • Building Operations and Maintenance
  • Neighborhood Development
  • Homes
  • Cities and Communities
  • LEED Recertification
  • LEED Zero

For further background on Energy Assessments and Audits visit the AEA and ASHRAE.

energy assessment