Integrity  ⋅  Teamwork  ⋅  Professionalism  ⋅  Quality 

At NWESI, these are the values we share. We understand that our success is achieved because of our employees. As such, we know that our people deserve the opportunity to build their careers, pursue professional growth and interests, and attain a healthy work-life balance. As an employee-owned firm, the voices of our people lead our company.

Careers at NWESI offer the opportunity to join a team connected throughout Oregon and Idaho, with colleagues invested in the health of each branch of our business, from administration, to technicians and engineers to business development. NWESI continues to engage in and pursue stronger partnerships, professional certification and standards, and support professional excellence to achieve a better built environment.

Employee Ownership

Our priority is our people, our work, and our company. Investing in those via an employee-owned plan keep us thinking about the effects of our company both personally and professionally. Benefits of joining a 100% employee-owned firm include:

  • Retirement savings.
  • Voice in the company’s direction.
  • Leadership invested in employee well-being.

As part of the firm, you’ll have opportunities to join and lead in our internal committees, including: Safety Committee – ESOP Culture Committee – ESOP Trustees – Board of Directors.

Social Responsibility

Our goals in working with clients are heavily invested in ensuring the people who work in the facilities we commission feel confident and accepted in their environments. We bring this into our own office by focusing on the following policies in our everyday business growth and operation.

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Employee health and well being
  • Giving back to communities
  • Safety

Careers at NWESI in Oregon and Idaho

See our open positions below to learn more and apply! We believe that talent and interest in Commissioning and TAB positions should always be open for the right people. Connect with us at any time by applying to Ongoing Applications to submit your name for future opportunities.

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