“I want to make a difference, not make widgets.”
“I want to grow professionally.”
“I want to enjoy my work.”
“I want to have fun with my colleagues.”
“I want flexibility for a great work-life balance.”
“I want to continually experience new projects and learn new skills.”
“I want to make buildings smarter.”
“I want to have a stake in the company’s financial success.”
“I want respect for my ideas and a chance to develop them.”
“I want to reach my personal and professional objectives.”
“I want to conserve energy and natural resources.”
“I want to bring new technologies to the built environment.”

At NWESI, these are ambitions we share. If they are also yours, we want to talk to you. See our open positions below, or submit a cover letter and resume at anytime to We’re always on the lookout for the right people.

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“I love working for a company where everyone is treated with the same amount of respect.  We are all trusted to do our own jobs and treated as valuable team members. I also enjoy having the opportunity to help with other areas of the company:  accounting, business development, safety, and even going out into the field.”

Shauna FoxProject Administrator