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We spend a huge amount of time in facilities learning, conducting business, and interacting with others. This environment should be comfortable, accessible, and most importantly, safe. These places should not be areas of fear or suspicion, yet this is exactly what’s happened as unhealthy air has become a more pressing concern. As you prepare your facility for students, staff, and other occupants, we urge you to consider these next steps to ensure your facility will be a safer environment now and in the future. Contact one of our offices or  Request a Proposal for more info on Healthy Building Surveys.

About the Healthy Building Survey

Performing a Healthy Building Survey (otherwise known as a ventilation survey), and making adjustments appropriate for your facility will reduce the likeliness of incorrect adjustments that will result in higher energy cost now, and potential repair costs when adjusting for inclement weather. NorthWest Engineering Service, Inc. can help your facilities determine the ventilation standards that apply to your facility and recommend appropriate actions to meet any associated compliance requirements. Below, find our 4 Step guide to how a ventilation survey is approached.

4 Steps to Prepare Your HVAC Systems for Re-Occupancy

Prepare your facility for re-occupancy by conducting a survey/tune-up of the HVAC systems and related controls.
Step 1: Document supply air flows. Code requires minimum air changes per hour.
Step 2: Measure minimum outside air. This will evaluate whether your systems are providing code required ventilation.
Step 3: Calculate ventilation rates. This will gauge whether the facility requires adjustments to the HVAC systems.
Step 4: Verify controls are working. This includes verification of hardware operation, calibration of control devices, and occupancy schedules.
HVAC survey steps: NWESI Healthy Buildings.

NWESI is invested in making sure the people in our communities are in safe, up-to-standard facilities, and is further providing documentation to display that healthy building measures were taken. Call us to discuss your healthy building options before re-opening!

Click the tile below to read about the challenges and our approach to a healthy building survey for a healthcare facility.

Resources: HBR: Why COVID-19 Raises the Stakes for Healthy Buildings
ASHRAE: Guidance for Reopening Schools
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HVAC Systems Should be Checked Before Buildings Reopen

Meet our Healthy Building Survey leaders! This service requires an acute knowledge of facility ventilation systems and operations, similar to a TAB service.