Fire Smoke Damper Testing


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At NWESI, protecting lives and property is our top priority and we understand the critical role that fire smoke dampers play during a fire emergency. With our expertise and testing methods, you can have peace of mind knowing your dampers are functioning optimally and in full compliance with NFPA 80, 92 and 105.

Our Services Include
  • Extensive inspection and testing of every damper in your facility
  • Using building HVAC system drawings to document fire smoke damper locations
  • Comprehensive report that includes details and access requirements for dampers
  • Field labeling for simplicity of locating dampers and streamlining repairs
  • Replacement of damaged or missing fusible links
  • Actionable plan of corrections list
  • Documentation verifying all systems are up to code with federal, state, and local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
  • Limited to no impact of occupants of facility
Why Choose Us

NWESI has over 20 years of experience providing Fire Smoke Damper Inspections and Testing for Hospitals, Acute Care, Assisted Living, Transitional and Rehabilitation, Commercial Building, and Educational Institutions.

Our substantial background in Commissioning (Cx) and Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) puts us in a unique position to execute audit surveys of HVAC systems and to identify and functionally test all Fire Smoke Dampers. We will help keep your facility compliant by providing documentation verifying all systems are up to code.

Overview: Fire Smoke Damper Testing

Meet our FSD Inspection and Testing leader! Patrick oversees this service and will help you meet your facility related needs.

“They were professional, patient, and very easy to work with for both me and the staff out on the floor.  They should be recognized as being great examples of how to provide excellent customer service.”

Jon ConnerDirector of Plant Operations, Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital


Our team is certified in accordance with ANSI and ANAB ISO/IEC 17024 standards for fire, smoke and combination damper inspection, testing and reporting.