Building Envelope Testing


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Building Envelope Testing (BET) of the air barrier quantifies the leakage rates and water infiltration locations at standard pressures and is either a regulatory or project specification requirement. Test areas can range from single windows, rooms, or multi-story buildings.  BET is usually combined with Infrared (IR) Imaging or Thermography* to identify leakage locations in the envelope or exterior assemblies.

The Building Envelope Testing process is accomplished by using calibrated door fans, calibrated water spray racks, standalone sensors, and other equipment. The fans are frequently referred to as blower door equipment, which create a pressure differential between the interior and exterior of a space. Specific conditions and criteria are set per ASTM, to ensure repeatability of the results and meet requirements.

NWESI is a NEBB certified firm for Building Enclosure Testing (BET) and has been providing air barrier investigative and energy code BET services in Oregon and Washington since 2012. We can help identify and troubleshoot envelope components and assemblies that fail to perform to the building owner’s standards and design requirements.

* Thermography is a nondestructive investigative method that uses temperature differences of materials or fluids, both air and water, to assist in identifying insulation voids, gaps in materials, liquid water buildup, and air leakage paths that isn’t readily apparent by visual inspection.

Meet our BET leader below! John leads our BET services across the Pacific Northwest.