We take the safety of our team very seriously

Many of our employees work on active construction sites including potentially unsafe spaces such as roofs, manufacturing areas, and boiler rooms. As a team we ensure all client, contractor, and OSHA requirements are met or exceeded. Safety Committee Members are informed of relevant safety concerns, hazardous situations, and current regulations. To keep safety at the forefront, news and tips are communicated to all NWESI employees on a weekly basis. NWESI is also a member of ConstructSecure, a third-party organization that evaluates the company’s safety culture.

safety committee goals: 

  • Promote a culture that encourages safe work practices
  • Act as a liaison between employees and management
  • Ensure that all safety concerns are acknowledged and addressed
  • Provide employees the resources they need to get the job done safely

Thorough meeting minutes are kept describing each issue, and recommended actions are documented and communicated to management on a monthly basis. Issues can include, but are not limited to: employees’ concerns about workplace safety or health conditions; accident or “near miss” investigations including root causes and corrective measures; ideas for proactively improving employee safety and presenting them to management; maintaining the Assured Grounding program; and reviewing quarterly workplace inspections. The committee oversees employee safety training, to make sure all required credentials are acquired and maintained in areas such as OSHA compliance, CPR and first aid, ladder safety, and fall protection, among others.