Retro Commissioning


Commissioning (Cx) is a systematic process for ensuring building systems (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, envelope, etc.) function and perform as intended. It includes verification of equipment installation and observation of modes of operation. This process can be applied to new buildings and major renovations (Cx) or existing buildings (Retro-Cx). Software data analytics can also be set up to continuously monitor operations and flag potential issues (Monitor Based or Ongoing Cx).

Testing, Adjusting & Balancing

Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) involves measuring and adjusting air and water flows to meet design criteria. TAB is a vital step for complex air and hydronic systems within buildings and throughout campuses to ensure HVAC systems are optimized for occupant comfort, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and manufacturing processes.

Building Envelope Testing

BET, or Air Barrier Testing, determines the leakage rates at standard pressures, and is often a regulatory requirement. Test areas can range from single rooms to a complete, multi-story building. BET is usually combined with Infrared Imaging Testing to isolate breaches in the design envelope.

Building HVAC Tune-Up

As buildings age and HVAC systems are modified, efficiencies quickly deteriorate and systems often operate in off-design conditions. A thorough ventilation survey with facilities mapping is the first step in identifying solutions. This should be performed regularly and before major renovations.

Site Sustaining Services

Our engineers and technicians are integral partners with Operations and Maintenance teams at complex facilities across a wide variety of industries. This can be through on-call contracts, scheduled periodic measurements, or site co-location, to suit clients’ needs.

Cleanroom Performance Testing

This encompasses a number of different tests, depending on customer requirements, including Particle Counts, Ventilation Rates, Room Pressurization, Hood Velocity Uniformity, Temperature and Humidity Measurements, and Filtration Verification.

Energy Assessment Services

Whether designing a building for Net Zero Energy (NZE) usage, LEED certification, or simply to reduce energy costs, a comprehensive assessment is far more than a simple energy audit. Our credentialed, hands-on professionals identify weaknesses during the early stages of project planning, and troubleshoot poorly performing equipment.

Other Specialties

-Regulatory Compliance Support for Hospital Accreditation Programs including:
The Joint Commission
Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
Healthcare Facilities Accreditation (HFAP)
-Fume Hood Testing
-Forensic Investigations
-Infrared Imaging
-Sequence of Operations (SOO) Reconstruction
-Updated HVAC Systems Design Drawings
-Fire Life Safety (FLS) including:
Fire/Smoke Damper Inspections/Testing
Stairwell Pressurization Testing
Zone and HVAC Smoke Control Sequence Testing