Employee Spotlight: Scott Taylor

How long have you been with NWESI? 
I have been with NWESI for a little over 3 years.

What is your current role? 
I am the VP of Finance and Administration. I oversee the admin team and I’m responsible for the accounting, finance, human resources, and admin functions.  I’m also one of the trustees of the ESOP.

What led you here; or, what kind of work did you do before?
I’ve worked in various roles in accounting and finance for 14 years for medium and large size businesses. I was interested in NWESI because of the family friendly company culture and felt like I could have a big impact.  Being an Employee-Owned company was a big plus.

If there’s a favorite part of your work, what is it? 
I really enjoy finding ways to improve processes. I find it satisfying to take a time consuming process and make it easier and more efficient in a way that saves time. I’ve already been able to make some impactful changes and hope to continue to help make NWESI even better.

Do you have any outside hobbies?
I like traveling, being active, and getting outdoors. I love hiking and rock climbing but my main hobby right now is running. I like that it’s something active I can do alone in my own neighborhood or I can run with a group in a new location. It’s even better when I can combine hobbies like traveling and running or trail running.