Celebrating Employee Ownership Month

Employee Ownership Month, which is observed every October, was the perfect time to celebrate and recognize the people who make our company successful. At NWESI, we talk a lot about how being employee-owned makes us different than other organizations. We take pride in the fact our employees are not just workers, but stakeholders with a vested interest in our company’s success.

To help celebrate Employee Ownership Month, NWESI’s Culture Committee planned various events throughout the month to help foster pride within the organization. “This year we hosted a group photo contest promoting Employee Ownership, running our company’s monthly meeting and hosting a fun trivia game with prizes, and handing out some new NWESI swag to staff,” said Anndee Jorgensen, NWESI Culture Committee Chair.

Over the years, businesses have recognized the advantages of employee ownership. Studies have shown companies tend to outperform their counterparts in terms of productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall financial health. “This is my first Employee-Owned company to work for and it has been a positive experience. I’ve seen change take place from employee input, profits shared among employees, and pride and dedication in working hard knowing we are all employee owners,” says Jorgensen.

NWESI would like to give a special shout out to it’s Culture Committee (Anndee, Po, Patrick, Laila, Chelsea and Billy) for all of their hard work on making this month so much fun!

Employee Swag
Photo Contest Winner – Boise