Creekside Renovations

The past year has brought about many exciting changes including moving into our new 30,000 sf office headquarters in Beaverton. In addition to the move, our building recently underwent a major remodel. Renovations were done in phases and included interior and exterior improvements, a new Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, and interior design work.

During the first phase, the interior and exterior underwent a complete overhaul. Interior renovations included creating multiple conference rooms, an open kitchen, lounge area, wellness room, indoor bike rack, storage, updated facilities, and new paint and flooring. Modifications to the outside included new paint, sidewalks, landscaping and extra lighting for security purposes.

The second phase included adding a new HVAC system to go along with the reconfigured space and to ensure the space is comfortable for our staff. Once the system was installed, we had the unique opportunity to provide Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) services on the building. This allowed us to experience firsthand a service we typically provide our clients with. During this phase, our team was also able to make adjustments to the HVAC system to improve soundproofing. That along with adding soundproofing gaskets to doors has made a noticeable difference.

Lastly, the company hired an interior designer to help pull the look of the entire space together. New furniture, moss art, plantscaping,  photography and signage have been incorporated throughout the entire office space.

A custom-made privacy decal was made for the main conference room and depicts mountains in the pacific northwest. In our executive offices, acoustic panels were added to help with soundproofing and to give an aesthetic feel.

The goal of these renovations is to provide our staff with a pleasant and comfortable working environment, while also improving indoor air quality and creating a more energy-efficient building. By making these improvements, our hope is to save money over the long run, while also  increasing employee retention.

A special thank you to Ankrom Moisan, R&H Construction, Edge Development, Elliott Properties, and Ctrl+Shift+Space for their help on these projects.