Employee Spotlight: Po’okela McKeague

How long have you been with NWESI?
Almost 9 months.

What is your current role?
My primary role is Project Development Coordinator. I support BD initiatives for Boise as well as provide field support for TAB jobs. I think with the size of our branch and the goal of expansion and market growth, I have my hand in a little bit of everything. I like to think of myself as a liaison of growth—being a part of every process or piece that helps bridge the gaps between different areas.

What kind of work did you do before coming to NWESI?
I guess in regards to how I got here, it’s a long story of ups and downs. I was heavily involved with my church— I spent a lot of time volunteering with kids. I had worked for the church as a youth pastor, leading and coordinating those programs so I was able to fashion leadership skills with people of all age groups and really begin to fine tune that. I left the position with my church when my friend who owned a TAB company asked if I wanted to join with him for a while. I later stepped into a sales/marketing role in another industry where I was able to take all of those relationship development skills and combine them with business strategy and analytics. After I moved to Idaho, I jumped into manufacturing where I was given opportunities to apply my skill set to a management perspective. All of my prior experience was gained through odds and ends, but it seems like I was at the infant stages of what I’m doing now.

What has been a personal or professional growth that’s happened since you’ve been here?
What I’m excited about the most is building out the branch. I see it as a challenge and an opportunity to build a stronger business. I get to really be a part of that growth and coordinate from the ground up. In my off time I’m trying to learn more about program management & Business process management because I’d love to be able to take those things and reach a new level of growth and processes. That’s what I’m ecstatic about.

NWESI has the best culture I have ever been a part of. The culture that it’s created I think goes back to everyone being onboard and taking responsibility. Clear goals, vision, and support with autonomy. There’s such a great balance of what needs to get done without micromanaging. I think it’s really optimistic for the future.

Do you have any outside hobbies?
I have hobbies that I want to do—but at the moment my life is very boring and monotonous. I’m working on certain professional certifications. I LOVE spending time with my family (if you can call that a hobby). I love playing basketball. I enjoy exercising. I really enjoy learning new things, especially about languages and different cultures.