Skyline Hospital


Skyline Hospital located in White Salmon, WA, is at the perfect vantage to take in impressive views of the Columbia River Gorge and the Hood River Bridge. Originally constructed in 1952 it has undergone several renovations and additions including major ones in the early 1970s and in 1998 expanding it to 55,000sf. NWESI provided Skyline with their 6-year Periodic Inspection and Testing in accordance with NFPA 19.4

NWESI worked closely with Skyline facilities to overcome several challenges with this project including working in an operating hospital without impacting patients, dealing with mechanical systems that have undergone numerous renovations, multiple versions of the site drawings.

NWESI tested 191 fire dampers (FDs) and 50 fire smoke dampers (FSDs) at Skyline Hospital. For each FD the fusible link was removed, damper operation was confirmed and new fusible links were installed. Testing of the FSDs required that multiple fire alarms be set off to confirm the FSDs operated from signals from the fire control panel and smoke detectors.


  • All FD or combination FSD operations were documented with location, date of inspection, name of inspector and any issues if found – NFPA 19.4.9
  • Each damper location and identifier was documented digitally on the provided mechanical drawings.
  • All inspected FSDs & FDs were uniquely labeled in the field, and each testing condition label, closed, open and deficiencies were photographed.
  • NWESI coordinated placing the Fire Control Panels in test mode and communicated with facilities and staff regarding fire alarm testing. Complete FSD system integration was checked by triggering a smoke detector and generating a fire alarm. Correct fire panel and FSD operation was then validated.

Location: White Salmon, WA

Owner: Skyline Hospital

Fire Smoke Damper Testing