Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound


Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound (ATCPS) is a 40,000sf Skilled Nursing Facility built in 2016. NorthWest Engineering Service, Inc. (NWESI) provided ATCPS with their 1-year, after-installation inspection in accordance with NFPA 19.4-Periodic Inspection and testing standard.

NWESI met the tight schedule required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction to ensure regulatory compliance and alleviating concerns of possible impacts to budgets. NWESI staff successfully interfaced with all impacted ATCPS personnel including directors, facilities, charger nurses, Fire Control Panel (FCP) monitoring services and patients limiting interruptions at an operational site, while still needing access to the majority of the rooms.

NWESI tested 201 FDs and 23 FSDs at ATCPS. For each FD the fusible link was removed, damper operation was confirmed and new fusible links were installed. Testing of the FSDs required that 3 fire alarms be set off to confirm all the FSD operated as designed.


  • All fire damper (FD) or combination fire smoke damper (FSD) operation was documented with location, date of inspection, name of inspector and any issues if found – NFPA 19.4.9
  • Each damper location and identifier was documented digitally on the provided mechanical drawings.
  • All inspected FSDs & FDs were uniquely labeled in the field, and each testing condition label, closed, open and deficiencies were photographed.
  • NWESI coordinated placing the Fire Control Panels in test mode and communicated with ATCPS staff regarding fire alarm testing. Complete FSD system integration was checked by triggering a smoke detector and generating a fire alarm. Correct FCP and FSD operation was then validated. The Fire Damper fusible links were removed so full damper closure could be confirmed

Location: Tacoma, WA

Photo Credit: Avamere of Puget Sound

Client: Avamere

Fire Smoke Damper Testing