Cornell Surgicenter

Cornell Surgery center


Cornell Surgicenter, part of the Surgery Care Affiliate network, is an ambulatory surgery center, also known as an outpatient or same-day surgery center. It consists of about 4,700sf of office space and surgery suites.

NorthWest Engineering Service, Inc. performed the 4-year periodic inspection and testing as mandated by the NFPA 80 & 105 standard. We used the provided mechanical drawings to assist Cornell Surgrienter’s staff in identifying which dampers needed to be inspected and tested. All testing was then completed on a single day when no surgeries where scheduled. All testing was completed beneath the projected timeframe and budget.


  • All (28) of the fire smoke dampers (FSD) were documented with location, date of inspection, name of inspector and any issues if found – NFPA 19.4.9
  • The location and identifier for each damper was recorded digitally on the provided mechanical drawings allowing for easy locating later.
  • Each of the inspected FSDs was uniquely labeled in the field, and every test condition closed, open, actuator motor and/or deficiencies were photographed.
  • Complete system integration of the fire alarm panel and FSDs was confirmed by smoking a smoke detector which generated a fire alarm closing the FSDs
  • NWESI coordinated placing the fire control panel in test mode and ensured the staff was informed about possible interruptions from the fire alarm testing

Location: Beaverton, OR

Client: Surgery Care Affiliate: Cornell Surgicenter

Fire Smoke Damper Testing