Klickitat Valley Health Hospital

Klickitat Valley Hospital

Klickitat Valley Health is a nonprofit group that comprises Klickitat Valley Health Hospital, Family Medicine, and Home Health & Hospice. This group aims to increase accessibility to health services in Goldendale, WA.

Scope: NWESI located, inspected, and tested the functionality of all Fire Smoke Damper (FSD) and Fire Damper (FDs) operations at the Klickitat Valley Health Hospital facility. We identified and visually inspected 28 FSDs. These were  photographed in the closed position, with gasket dampers confirmed to have a complete seal to pass. All FSDs had verified closure during an active fire alarm condition, and fully opened after clearing the general fire alarm condition with power being restored to their actuators. All damper devices were given an identification number that corresponded with spreadsheet documentation.

Location: Goldendale, WA

Fire Smoke Damper Testing