Mirabella Portland

Northwest Engineering Service Inc. completed inspection and testing of all Fire Life Safety (FLS) Fire Smoke Damper (FSDs) and Fire Damper (FDs) operations at Mirabella Portland’s 2nd floor.

Scope: Our scope for this project was to locate, label, and test the functionality of the dampers. We tested 50 FSDs onsite after an inspection of the fire alarm control panels (FACP), FACP circuits, HVAC equipment and ductwork on the second floor. All FSDs were visually inspected and photographed to have a complete seal with the closure of their damper. All FSDs were proven to fully open after clearing the general fire alarm condition with power restored to their actuators. All FLS dampers devices were given a unique identification number that matches a field tag corresponding field details on FLS damper worksheet.

Location: Portland, OR

Client: Mirabella

Fire Smoke Damper Testing