Spokane School District: Salk Middle School

The Spokane school district multiyear plan to replace the original 1961 school started with adding a new 32,000sf gymnasium to the site in 2015 and then attached a new 97,000 sqft middle school to the gym in 2017. This was all made possible with the $288 million dollar bond passed in 2009 for the gymnasium and the $145 million dollar bond passed in 2015 for the new middle school.

Scope: NWESI performed air barrier testing services to satisfy Washington State Energy Code requirements using ASTM E-779 methodology and blower door equipment to calculate an average leakage rate using test date from pressurization and depressurization the building up to 75 Pa (0.3 in H20).

Location: Spokane, WA

Owner: Spokane School District

Client: McKinstry Essention Seattle

Architect: NAC Architecture

General Contractor: Garco Construction (Ph. 2 School) / Meridian Construction (Gym)

MEP Designer: MSI Engineers

Total Project Cost: $36.6MM (Middle School) $14.5MM (Gymnasium)

Building Envelope Testing