Raymond Port of Entry

Located in a small town in Montana, this facility was unable to comply with more traditional BET testing procedures due to a variety of project parameters including budget, time, and location. However, the clients still wanted to see the results of BET testing for their upcoming new construction facility.

This facility would be tested to the equivalency for:

  • AAMA 1503 Thermal Transmittance & Condensation Resistance Testing
  • ASTM E 783 Air Leakage Testing
  • ASTM E 1105 Field Water Penetration Testing
  • AAMA 501.2 Water Leakage Field Check Testing
  • ASTM E 330 Structural Performance Testing

The GC constructed a single-room mock-up for us to test and determine projected outcomes and watch points for the actual facility. Approaching these tests via a build on-site saved the client a significant amount of money, while still enabling us to get the data required to diagnose these tests.

We also needed to consider how we could manipulate extreme temperatures, simulate water intrusion effects, and collaborate with our project partners to collect the pertinent data for our respective scope of work. We used a combination of dry ice for stability and temp control, box fans, water intrusion pvc pipe things, temperature boxes, etc. in a variety of configurations to achieve the desired room set-up.

Location: Montana

Building Envelope Testing