Coos Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant

Coos Bay, Oregon completed a new Waste Water Treatment Plant as an addition to their existing treatment system, led by Mortenson. The plant included office space and labs, among other specialty rooms.

NWESI completed Air barrier leakage testing on the EQ Basin Cover to determine the air leakage rate and leakage locations of the basin cover and vent following ASTM-E-779 test methodology. The cover was tested in two different basin conditions-vents closed and open-with the basin filled to just 6 inches below the top of the concrete walls.

Testing the EQ basin cover was to verify air leakage through the basin cover, and air volume through the basin cover vent to potentially replicate conditions when water is transferring between basins and the subsequent volume displacement of air through the vent and cover.

Location: Coos Bay, OR

General Contractor: Mortensen

Building Envelope Testing