OSU: Precision Agricultural Systems Center

What started out as an 8,000sf  maintenance building for farm equipment expanded in scope to include a 400 kw data center to serve as backup for the campus telecom group.  Innovative HVAC systems were designed to capture waste heat from the data center for use in the rest of the building as well as extensive use of economizer cooling, chiller heat rejection into a ground loop system.

Scope: HVAC systems were simplified to Dedicated Outside Air (DOAS) and Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) units with pumped refrigerant economizers. The project manager provided design phase commissioning services including design review, commissioning and electrical test specifications, and coordinated with the State of Oregon as part of the SEED program.

Location: Corvallis, OR

Owner: Oregon State University

Client: Oregon State University

Architect: Oregon State University

General Contractor: Howard S. Wright

MEP Designer: Glumac

LEED: LEED Equivalent

Total Project Cost: 3.5M

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