Wenatchee School District: Washington Elementary School

The original Washington Elementary, built in 1953, it was the oldest building in the Wenatchee School District. The new 73,000sf Washington Elementary School is twice the size of the old school and is able house all 650 students and has eliminated the need for the exterior portables classrooms. The new two story school is colorful, open, and filled with modern accommodations for the students and staff to learn and grow for years to come.

Scope: NWESI performed air barrier testing services to satisfy Washington State Energy Code requirements. This used ASTM E-779 methodology and blower door equipment to calculate an average leakage rate using test date from pressurization & depressurization the building up to 75 Pa (0.3 in H20).

Location: Wenatchee, WA

Owner: Wenatchee School District

Client: WLK Joint Venture

Architect: TCF Architecture

General Contractor: Walker Construction

MEP Designer: Hargis Engineering

Total Project Cost: $28.5M

Owner’s Representative: Leone & Keeble Construction Management

Building Envelope Testing