Southern Oregon University: Lithia Motors Pavilion

Lithia Motors Pavilion

The Lithia Motors Pavilion was completed in 2018, and features a 1,400 seat pavilion, as well as classrooms, offices, and other recreation space for exercise and athletics. This facility replaced the former McNeal Hall and serves the students of Southern Oregon University. The total cost for this project ran around $17.7M, and was funded via SOU student fees, state bonds, and donations.

Scope: AIR provided Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing on the Pavilion. The systems tested include 6 Air Handling Units and 66 associated VAV Terminal Units, 17 Exhaust Fans, 6 Transfer Fans, 12 Cabinet Unit Heaters, 2 Main Heating Water Pumps and 7 other Circulating Pumps serving the facility.

Location: Ashland, OR

Owner: Southern Oregon University

General Contractor: Andersen Construction

MEP Designer: The Ballard Group

LEED: Gold

Total Project Cost: $17.7M

Testing, Adjusting & Balancing