Portland International Airport: Central Utility Plant

The Central Utility Plant (CUP) provides chilled water and steam for the heating and cooling needs of the airport terminal and concourses. In addition, the CUP also houses the emergency generators that provide stand-by power for the airport.

The CUP has undergone several updates to increase capacity and improve operational efficiency. The cup was expanded so that chilled and steam plants could be segregated and capacity increased. Additional stand-by power capability was also included as part of this project.  Additional upgrades have been made to the fuel oil and chemical treatment systems. In 2017 chilled water capacity was again increased by the addition of a chiller and the replacement of cooling towers and pumps.

Scope: Included commissioning of the controls system, including point-point verification, sequence of operation validation and functional acceptance testing, support of equipment startup, developing the logic and assisting with the development of the algorithms controlling the secondary chilled water pumps.  Oversight of the certification of the cooling towers to CTI standards was also included.

Two chillers were removed and replaced with three new chillers (two existing chillers remained) resulting in a five chiller system. New cooling towers and associated condensing water pumps were added, as well as new primary and secondary chilled water pumping systems. The steam boiler system was upgraded by adding a fourth boiler, economizer and de-aerator. New HVAC systems were added with related Refrigerant Spill Management and Annunciation. Each of the controls systems were upgraded (physical hardware, architecture and software). In addition, the capacity of the emergency power system was increased by the addition of two generators (1000 KW and 1500 KW).

Location: Portland, OR

Owner: PIA

Client: PIA

Testing, Adjusting & Balancing