Boise High School

Established in 1881, Boise High School is the oldest school in the Boise School District. With the growth of Treasure Valley, the high school campus added multiple buildings to keep up with the increase in student enrollment. In 1936, a “new” gymnasium was built, mostly from funds the student body collected or donated themselves. This facility is still used for school activities today.

The high school’s Performing Arts building was constructed in 1912 and seats 1,800. Due to its size at the time, the auditorium housed many community events and became known as the Boise Opera House until the Morrison Center was built in 1984.

The scope of work for this project covered the Gymnasium & Performing Arts renovation. The HVAC for this project is provided by two gas heating / DX cooling rooftop unites in the gymnasium. The remainder of the project area is provided by VRF supplied fan coil units. In addition, an energy recovery unit provides fresh air and exhaust in the arts’ building.

  • Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing
  • Air Volume Measurement
  • Air Velocity-Pressure Measurement
  • Rotation Measurement

Location: Boise, ID

Owner: Boise School District

MEP Designer: Musgrove Engineering

Testing, Adjusting & Balancing