Building a Career through Apprenticeships

One of our company goals for 2021 is to expand the awareness of career development opportunities within our firm, and make sure those currently on identified career paths are receiving the training, education, and support needed to complete their program. Because NWESI’s roots lie in the foundation of Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing, we’re deeply invested in the growth and sustainability of TAB careers in the building industry, and wanted to spotlight the ABC Pacific Northwest Apprenticeship program!

About the TAB Apprenticeship program:

  • Consists of: six periods and requires 6000 hours.
  • Approved NEBB or AABC testing, training and approved classes (online).
  • Usually takes about four years to complete.

According to recent data, over 550,000 workers were needed to meet the demand for skilled work in the construction industry in 20201. In urban areas or cities where project development was not as negatively hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the labor need is even more acutely felt as construction and related work is pushing forward. The built industry is still projected to grow by 5% over the next eight years2.

Data taken from LinkedIn and CNN over the past year also illustrates in the below graph the rebound in construction demand.

Our Apprentices

As of March 2021, NWESI has five apprentices, with one individual scheduled to complete the program this month, while four others are in Period 1 and 2. Of these, three are located at AIR Introduction and Regulation, a division of NWESI.

With the recent inclusion of two newer apprenticeship participants at our main office, NWESI’s program is also now eligible to opportunities to recruit and comply with Affirmative Action for apprenticeship.

Benefits of Apprenticeship Participation

One of the key features of the TAB apprentice program is that it allows on-the-job training and education. Not only does this give participants a viable path towards TAB careers, it also allows them to learn, refine their skills, and grow their professional networks while working—and  earning pay—with a participating company. This relationship is just as beneficial to the company who has an employee eager to invest in their success, and may further expand the capabilities and offerings of the business.

Because there are no higher education requirements, this is a unique, direct-to-career pathway. Starting as a TAB apprentice can lead to becoming a certified TAB technician, or divest into similar fields such as commissioning, energy, and other HVAC focused paths.

As we reach for new company goals this year, we’re hopeful that we’re one of many companies offering apprenticeships to help sustain the built industry.

For more info about JATC apprenticeships visit ABC PNW Apprenticeships.

Published March 2021.