Willamette Education Service District: “Train the Teacher” Educator Externship

On Wednesday, June 26, two of our Commissioning professionals, Nick Juchau and Jon McLaren, presented at the Willamette Education Service District’s Educator Externship event.  Nick and Jon highlighted the importance of Commissioning and TAB in the construction field, as well as basic concepts for building HVAC systems and the physics behind measuring pressures and flows typical in modern buildings.  To help guide their demonstrations, Nick and Jon put together several lab exercise kits, and took in a miniature model of an Air handling unit to offer hands-on understanding to educators.

The objective of this event was to enable teachers to bring real world examples of a career related to STEM into the classroom, allowing them to create lesson plans tailored towards middle and high school science and CTE students. This was part of an effort to broaden interest in STEM programs, and help engage students in these subjects.