WA County Green Business Leaders Roundtable

Brion Hurley (Business Performance Improvement)

Keynote Speaker at WA County Green Business Leaders roundtable event, 5/22/19

Recently, Nancy Christenson, from NorthWest Engineering’s Business Development team attended the WA County Green Business Leaders Roundtable event at Gerber Knives where Brion Hurley from Business Performance Improvement,  a LEAN Six Sigma Sustainability Professional, presented a keynote speech on LEAN & GREEN business processes.

Brion emphasized a clear win-win strategy when a company implements basic sustainability practices.  By simply modifying the environmental impact of a few specific business processes, companies can greatly reduce environmental waste such as energy, solid waste & water usage.
When performing these fairly minimal tasks, organizations will improve not only their bottom line costs of time, money and effort, but also the carbon footprint of the business.