OSU: James E. Oldfield Animal Teaching Facility

The James E. Oldfield Animal Teaching Facility is a unique facility allowing for integrated and hands-on instruction for the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences. It was the first of four projects to replace dilapidated agricultural buildings.  This new 19,799sf facility contains a multi-use arena for showing and handling animals that opens directly to adjacent classrooms, allowing for hands-on instruction and activities. It also contains two state-of-the-art laboratories.

Scope: Commissioned systems included the building HVAC systems and controls (1 air handler, 10 water source heat pumps, 6 exhaust fans, 1 supply fan and heat recovery unit, and 6 pumps) domestic hot water, and lighting controls. Design phase commissioning and SEED coordination were also performed.

The TAB scope included testing and balancing for all air handling units, heat pumps, exhaust fans and 1 fume hood on the air side. Water balancing includes pumps and circuit setters for the ground water heating/cooling loop for the heat pumps and the domestic hot water heat recovery loop.

Location: Corvallis, OR

Owner: Oregon State University

Client: Oregon State University

LEED: Silver Equivalent

Total Project Cost: $5M

Testing, Adjusting & Balancing
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