City of Eugene: Hult Center for Performing Arts

The Hult Center is the premier performing arts center for mid-Willamette Valley. The 135,000sf building contains a 2400 seat main theater and 500 seat auxiliary theater. It also contains a generous lobby with pre-function space, dance studio, art gallery, parking garage, and support spaces.

The goals of retro-commissioning included resolving temperature control issues, improving reliability, improving documentation, and training facility staff.

Scope: The retro-commissioning scope included HVAC systems (air handling units, boilers, chillers, exhaust fans, and controls). Services included preparation of Commissioning plans, current facility requirements, review of existing building documentation, and assessment of equipment, development and execution of functional tests, recommend improvement measures, and verifying improvement measures.

Location: Eugene, OR

Owner: City of Eugene

Client: City of Eugene

Total Project Cost: $150k

Retro Commissioning
Testing, Adjusting & Balancing
Updated HVAC Systems Design Drawings
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