Cody Butz

TAB Technician

Originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Cody moved across the country to join the AIR team in early 2021. After graduating high school he joined the Air Force where he was a Security Forces Response force Member and Alarm Monitor in South Korea and Okinawa Japan. After leaving the Air Force in 2015, he explored a few different work industries from landscape design and general mechanics, to Strength and Conditioning/Kickboxing Coaching until Landing in the TAB field in 2017. Since then he’s been intrigued by the intricacies and nuances of the Building Interior Environment. He’s constantly learning and gaining the experience needed to become a certified TAB technician. Outside of work, his hobbies are playing with anything with a motor on it, training Muay Thai, Boxing, and other martial arts, painting, camping, fishing, and hiking with his dog Archer.