Bruce Gilpin, CP-TAB

Site Sustaining Division Manager

Bruce joined NWESI in 1986 after designing fire protection and mechanical systems. Bruce started as a Testing, Adjusting & Balancing Technician and quickly worked his way up into project management. In addition, Bruce provides business development support and division management. While at NWESI, Bruce has used his advanced mechanical skills to design and implement TAB tooling procedures and methods to advance the productivity and accuracy of the services the team provides. Bruce serves as the TAB Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee Secretary and was instrumental in developing the nation’s first independent TAB apprentice program. When not at work, Bruce is found working on landscaping projects and restoring cars, boats and houses.

Associate of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Portland Community College

NEBB Certified Professional Testing, Adjusting & Balancing (CP-TAB)
Aerial Work Platform Certified (AWP)
OSHA Construction Safety and Health Training