4/2/20 Fire Damper Testing Seminar

NorthWest Engineering Service, Inc. is pleased to partner with Performance Systems Integration to discuss one of our favorite topics, fire dampers!

Our presentation will cover notable issues, facility impacts, and coordination efforts in facilities where fire damper testing is required. We will supplement our discussion with project examples that demonstrate troubleshooting, risk, and what we’ve learned.

Participants will come away with:
  • An improved understanding of changes in code enforcement for care type facilities
  • Understanding of why these devices need to be regularly tested
  • Identified lessons learned from issues found during testing
  • Identified best practices in testing and documentation

Join us for lunch and conversation over Fire Damper testing!


April 2nd, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.


7324 SW Durham Rd.
Portland, OR 97224


Email or call:  Brieanna Bevens  971-724-0215

For a refresher of  damper testing services, please see: Fire Smoke Damper testing

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